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What We Know About the Status of Arts Education – Two Years Later

By Jamie Kasper, Director, Arts Education Partnership, and Claus von Zastrow, Senior Policy Director, Education Commission of the States

In May 2021, AEP published a post titled “What We Know – and Don’t Know – About the Status of Arts Education”. That post attempted to capture a baseline status of K-12 arts education in the United States, including data that were collected at the state level. This post in November 2022 updates the original information a year and a half later.

2022 State Arts Ed Data Tableau Dashboard

In the original post, we found that:

  • Twenty-four states reported some kind of data about arts education.

  • Nineteen states reported data on student enrollment in arts courses.

  • Seventeen states reported educator data.

  • No states included information about student achievement in the arts in their state data reporting.

  • There was no consistent state-level information about funding for arts education, how much time students spent in arts courses, students’ access to other arts professionals like teaching artists, engagement in arts learning outside the school day and other benchmarks.