Advocacy Toolkit

Arts Education 2022 Challenges & Talking Points

Designed to help prepare advocates for meetings with school district or state decision makers.  Whether virtually or in-person, this two-page document is also a great leave-behind that can clarify what communities must do to ensure quality arts education programs in their districts.


The Pledge asserts that the arts are part of a balanced education and asks signees to commit to supporting equitable access to arts education that includes instruction in all arts areas. Anyone or any organization can sign it.

School Board

Asks that decision-making bodies commit to maintaining their arts education programs in the 2022-23  school year and beyond, by passing the Resolution as it reads, or a customized version that aligns with their schools’ existing  programs.

Dear School
Board Letter

Can be customized to help you urge your district decision-makers to pass the Resolution and fully fund arts education in the 2022-23 school year. Consider personalizing your letter with a specific anecdote on how arts education has impacted you, a member of your family, or a community member. 

Dear Arts Education Advocate Letter

To help mobilize fellow teachers and assist you in your own advocacy strategies in support of arts education, including asking school boards to pass the Resolution and for community members to sign the Pledge. This version of the letter is directed at a theatre educator as an example. Recast it to address your own arts discipline and experience.