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"Talk It Up" Podcast 11: Connected Arts Networks (CAN) Pt. 1

Connected Arts Networks (CAN) is a five-year grant initiative to create nationwide virtual Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) with educators in visual arts, music, theatre, dance and media arts.

Episode 11 of ARE's "Talk It Up" podcast series, host Jim Palmarini talks to Josh Streeter (Asst. Professor of Theatre Education at Emerson College and CAN's PLC Leader for theatre) and Amy Appleton (CAN Project Director and PLC Leader in visual and performing arts).

CAN is a project of the National Art Education Association, in partnership with the Educational Theater Association, the National Association for Music Education, the National Dance Education Organization, and the NYC Dept. of Education’s Arts Office. You can learn more at https://www.arteducators.org/community/connected-arts-networks-can.

For other "Talk It Up" episodes and more, visit www.artsareeducation.org/podcast


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