Arts ARE Education is a national campaign
in support of arts education for all students

Looking Ahead to the 2022-2023 School Year

All PreK-12 students have the right to a high-quality school-based arts education in dance, music, theatre, and visual art taught by certified professional arts educators in partnership with community arts providers. As a well-rounded subject area under federal education law, the Every Students Succeeds Act, music and the arts support the social and emotional well-being of students, foster a welcoming and safe school environment, and encourage inclusivity through multiple pathways for every child’s creative voice.  

  1. Budget shortfalls. School districts can expect significantly lower revenue in the coming school year due to state and local budget deficits caused by the pandemic recession.

  2. A focus on remediation. School leaders, administrators and politicians are focused on addressing pandemic learning loss in the coming school year and beyond. That will lead to a call for intensive remediation, a teaching strategy that often limits access to arts education for students who are behind.

  3. A continued need for Personal Protective Equipment that is unique to the arts classroom. As we celebrate being back together in the classroom, state and local guidance may require continued mitigation of potential viral spread in performing arts classrooms. This means additional cost to keep dance, music, theatre, and visual arts programs active and in-person.


  1. Embrace the Arts ARE Education campaign. Encourage your school board to pass the Arts ARE Education Resolution and encourage community members to sign the pledge.

  2. Speak with school leaders in your district about the power of arts education. Share the campaign Challenges & Talking Points Document and stories of how arts education has continued successfully throughout the pandemic in your schools and supported students’ well-being and a positive school climate.

  3. Celebrate with other school districts that embrace the Arts ARE Education campaign. Share your wins on the Arts ARE Education website, along with your district’s resolution.

  4. Reach out to your school district leadership and encourage them to apply for federal ESSER funds to support arts programs and teachers.

The Arts ARE Education. As states and schools work through multiple challenges in the years ahead, arts education must remain central to a well-rounded education and fully funded to support the well-being of all students and the entire school community.


Schools and communities that recognize the value of arts education in the 2022-23 school year and beyond should ensure that:

  • Arts education programs continue to be funded.

  • Arts classes are offered across all areas and appropriately scheduled.

  • Curriculum and scheduling designed to address “learning loss” includes the arts.

  • Arts educators continue to be employed and teach in the discipline for which they were trained.

  • Resources that are critical to an arts program’s success should always be available.

  • Professional development for arts educators be appropriate and comparable to that of other subject area teachers.

  • Facilities built and furnished for arts-based activities be used for that purpose.

  • Arts educator evaluation be done in the larger context of professional development and mindful of the “new norms” of practice adopted under the pandemic era.