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Arts ARE Education News - Dec 2022

Hello, Arts Education Advocates! Welcome to our 2022 Wrap-Up Newsletter

As an ARE campaign advocate, we want to keep you informed on how the initiative is continuing to evolve and grow to support grassroots advocates seeking to ensure equitable arts education access for students. The 2022-23 school year has seen the return of K-12 students and educators to classrooms throughout the country as pandemic restrictions eased. The post-pandemic era of education has prompted new learning goals and teaching strategies, along with concern over student and educator well-being and the need for greater inclusion of underserved students.

All these things have influenced school district priorities regarding spending, scheduling, staffing, and resources allocation. Arts ARE Education is committed to providing advocacy support to arts educators, students, and their schools nationwide, as we believe the arts are a key to helping pandemic-traumatized-students re-enter the in-person school environment where they can rekindle their love of learning across all subject areas in the years to come.

Here's what’s new on the Arts ARE Education website that we think can help!